Skypathon Success!

What a massive day! Our Mystery Skypathon has come and gone but I hope all of you loved staying back late at school and meeting classrooms from around the world. From Australia to France to China to UAE to Hawaii to Scotland to Bali to USA to Netherlands to New Zealand to Singapore to Japan to Ireland to Italy to England to Indonesia we travelled around the world in style!

You might not have realised but you challenged so much learning along the way. You extended your mapping skills, questioning skills, public speaking, literacy blog posting and leadership to name a few.

When you guys are at your best you are a brilliant class. I hope you all enjoyed the culture experience and had a heap of fun. What was your favourite Skyping destination or moment? Mine was a tie between seeing the Hakka,  showing our Japanese skills to Japan and the UAE call. In fact I loved the all. 

Well done on a great day/night. Go forth and be awesome.


Ben =D

3 thoughts on “Skypathon Success!

  1. Howdy Folks!

    I loved China, Hawaii and California. China was so funny because of all the strange questions like, ‘What is your hair like’ and ‘Do you have pumpkin pie’. California was awesome because of their accent. It was an amazing day altogether and was highly enjoyable even though i was falling asleep all throughout the next day!

  2. Hi 5/6 Ben,
    I was SO sorry I could not join you for some of the day but heard quite a bit about it from you know who! What a fantastic learning opportunity. I am tipping that you all left school that night knowing a lot more about geography and culture. Well done Ben on the fantastic job (a huge one!) organising all the schools and calls.

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