Skype #14

Hi Im Will and I will be your sky ping commentator for the next few minutes

Our skype  got underway with a very intense game of paper,scissors,rock to do decide who goes first they guessed our country first but we weren’t giving up that easy we guessed if they were in Asia and lucky for us we were right! We then asked if they were in India but this time we were wrong. It was coming down to the wire and we needed our best questions to guess this school. We narrowed it down to a certain part of Asia we were getting close but they were right on our tail. We’re are they India,Pakistan, were are they?

It took us a while but eventualy we guessed were they were and we won the mystery skype they were in a place called UAE were it only rains 5 times a year interesting.

That was the end of the mystery skype thanks for reading seeya

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