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Kris Kringle 2014 5/6B

Hey gang,

I’ve decided to allow K.K’s for this year to celebrate the last 2 weeks of the year. There are a few guidelines for K.K’s just to make sure that no body misses out or goes over board.

The guidelines are:
– All students and their families have the choice of participating of not. No pressure J.
– There will be 3 KK days where we hand out any small gifts that have been brought in. We will only have 3 KK days, so no more than 3 little gifts are needed for your KK. These little gifts should be no more than $1-2.
– There will be a KK gift box for all KK presents to be put in which I will hand out at the end of the KK days.
– In the last week we will reveal our KK’s and give a gift of no more than $10.
– The rest of the 2 weeks gives all students a chance to give an ‘action’ for their KK. Make their last 2 weeks of 2014 as awesome as you can. A simple hello in the morning goes a long way.
– Be mindful that we have a St.Vinnies family we are giving towards this Christmas. We are all very lucky and our St.Vinnies family will always remain our focus.

Any questions, ask me. Have a great last 2 weeks of 2014.
Ben 🙂

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