Best Wishes to a Champion Team

Hey team,

The quality of printing of your letter isn’t the best so here is a copy of what sadly is my last message to all of you. There are the good quality pictures here too:
5/6B Letter.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year, I look forward to seeing the Grade 6’s come back and visit in 2015 and the Grade 5’s stepping up and leading the school proudly.


Dear 5/6B legends,

How time has flown, 2014 is coming to a close. How exciting and sad at the same time. With a heavy heart, it is just about time for us to part ways – #sadface. We have been through so much awesomeness together. We have accomplished many things this year and I when I think of our 5/6B team I am bursting with enormous pride. I hope you will always remember the awesome times we have had in this class: the late night Skypathon, the table moments, the nail biting clan sports, Gilli without an E and her blob, Kai’s friendly Duck, Abby’s classic jokes, the deadly timer, Isobel’s loud and contagious laugh, Will and Seb’s whispering bromance, way back before McKenzie left, our water fight on the oval, running through the Fire Engine hose, Alex’s brilliant federation GEM, the Billy Cart derby and the Ice Cream Unicorns inspirational effort in the Championship Race, Caitie’s Effi Trinket costume and those feathers that went everywhere, Adam’s crazy hair do’s, Isabella’s ever wondering sticky tape, visits from our Princess Sue, Grade 6 camp and Grade 5 week, our Maths games of Pac Man, 11’s, Greedy Pig and Indoor Basketball, our cute Prep buddies, the crazy Google accounts debut, the ‘Marco’ chants – which I still don’t get, our record breaking Art Show piece, our end of term parties, the awesome and not so awesome auction prizes, Ava’s Holy Spirit visits, our best youtube friend Khan Academy (..wait what?!?) and many more. I will forever remember these awesome times. Thank you to each one of you for making an incredibly awesome year. It could not of happened without each one of you.

All year you have amazed me by your awesomeness, I am so proud of you all. I hope that no matter where your life takes you, you will continue learning and levelling up – keep reading, keep writing, keep loving maths, keep playing sports, keep dancing and singing, keep drawing, keep being creative and keep seeking knowledge. The more we know and the more we can do, the better people we become. Remember it all comes down to attitude and effort.

To the Grade 6s, High School is challenging. An enjoyable challenge you are all ready for. Work hard in your next journey, set goals and do everything in your power to achieve them and remember how talented you are! Know that I believe in you and I won’t be surprised when I hear fantastic things about all of you! However, if ever things aren’t working out, remember that they always do in the end. Be patient: Wake up, Be Awesome, Go to Sleep.

Make sure you keep in touch with me, you all know my email address:
I look forward to receiving awesome news about your achievements. Share your accomplishments and be proud of them. You must know that as your teacher, I take enormous joy in seeing the greatness that you have done with your lives. You will always be welcome to visit me at any time, even if I’m teaching, come in have a seat or join in a game of 11’s just like some ex students did this year.

Before we sadly say goodbye, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I was your teacher this year. I hope you know much I genuinely enjoyed teaching you and how proud I was when I refered to you as ‘my kids’ to others. As we end this chapter of our lives and when you walk out the 5/6B door for the last time remember how much of a unique and talented person you are. No matter where your life takes you, wherever you go, whatever you do, whoever you become or how old you are, you will always mean something to me. Always remember to be true to who you are and if you’re ever in doubt, I’m sure by now you know exactly what to do …. just… be… awesome!

Yours always in awesomeness,

3 thoughts on “Best Wishes to a Champion Team

  1. Goodbye and good luck to the most awesome and wonderful class…led by an awesome teacher.
    Thanks for allowing me time to be a part of this from time to time.
    Enjoy every precious moment and create some wonderful memories.

  2. Hey Ben,
    Probably one of my last comments on the awesome 5/6 B blog.
    Thanks so much for teaching and taking your time to teach me. I have enjoyed every single moment from this year and these moments are definitely memories. Class Novel (we never got around to finishing one), MATHS!!, integrated topics, your inspirational ‘chats’ and much more have taught me so much. It was definitely sad walking out of 5/6 Ben’s door but at the same time I am pumped for Grade 6 and being one of the leaders of the school.I still hope to see some of the legendary Grade 6’s of 5/6 B! Again, thankyou so much I know I have probably said thankyou a lot but the amount of times I have said it is 100 x more meaningful.
    See you next year,
    Amelia 😀

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