Term 1

Term 1 Homework is as simple as follows:

Every MONDAY: Get 10 x spelling words from either your NAPLAN spelling words list, you’re writing drafts spelling reminders or our Integrated words list. Write these in your Spelling Notebook on a LSCWC sheet. Make sure you get the spelling correct and get it signed by me :). Write your homework in your diaries and write up your Reading charts for the week.

Everyone is expected to do approx. 45 minutes of homework a night. If you get home do homework just before dinner between 5:30pm and 6:30pm is probably the best time do it.

Every FRIDAYΒ you are expected to hand up your homework book with the following:

  • 30 minutes of reading per night, not per week. Your progress is to be recorded in your diary each night. (Eg: Diary of a Wimpy Kid page 10 – page 20)
  • 3 xΒ LSCWC (Look Say Cover Write and Check). All LSCWC must be completed by writing. Unfortunately as much as we love ICT, you cannot complete LSCWC on the computer. πŸ™‚
  • 1 x Spelling ActivityΒ completed in your Homework book.
  • Practise your Weekly Maths Quiz (find the Weekly Maths Quizzes from the Blog Menu).
  • Complete 2 x Study Ladder Maths activities (At least 7/10 or better).

To help you out with homework you may wish to do your 30 minutes of reading just before you go to bed each night.

Try and complete the Study Ladder activities and Maths Quiz on Monday or Tuesday in case there is a problem with your internet or computer so you can tell Ben before Friday morning.

Complete the LSCWC on a Wednesday and enjoy doing an enjoyable Spelling Activity on Thursday night. =Β Easy! Don’t stress about Homework, it really isn’t that big of a workload if you plan it out over a week.

Enjoy πŸ™‚

You may submit any homework to my email address:

If you have left your books at school here are the spelling activities:


54 thoughts on “Term 1

    • hi hope every one is having fun this year and i know this has been my best year so far. hope every one else is having a good year so far.i am looking forward to the interesting things ben might teach us in maths and intergrated and other subjects to. looking forward to the rest of the year and clan sport and inter school sports.have a good year

  1. Hi everyone!
    I cant wait to do all of the fun things that are planned for us! I hope we all enjoy our year! And thanks ben for putting up our homework!

    From Gilli (without an E)

  2. Hi Everyone
    I’m really excited about starting grade 5 in 5/6 B [ the most awesome class in the world] this year.
    Are you guys in 5/6 B excited about starting a new school year in Ben’s class.

    From Amelia :):):):):)

  3. Hey all,

    Great rich comments Gilli and Amelia. You both are looking good for your student blog licenses soon! Keep it up!

    Ben πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Everyone,
    the first 2,3 or 4 weeks of school has been a heap of fun. i do agree with Gilli and Amelia that im really
    excited for whats planned for us further in the year.
    i wonder what the challages will be?
    Or maybe they’ll be no challeges?
    Or maybe they’ll be both?
    Of course, we all don’t no.
    What are you looking forward to this year?


    • Hi
      I know that you do not have camp this year Chrissie but i am excited about it and also our intergrated subject next term! I know what it is!! HEHEHE!
      What are you looking forward to?

      • hi Nicole,
        I’m with you!
        I can’t wait until CAMP!!!!!
        And i really want to know when we are getting our jumpers!!!!!
        I hope its soon!
        See you all at school!
        From Gilli (without an E)

        • hi everyone
          are all grade 5s looking forward to grade 5 week because im really forward to camp

          grade 5 week last year was so fun we got to do a magic show for the preps

          also looking forwar well if we are doing them billy carts

          bye issy

  5. Hi
    Homework this year will be easy i think!! I am excited about Ben’s new baby Ava too!! I would like Ben to bring her in for a visit when she is a bit older!
    I have a question. Ben, what color hair does Ava have?! I forgot!!!!
    PS.i think that Ava has Black hair but i am not sure.

  6. Hi guys,

    I hope you have a good time doing homework not that you want to
    I think we will be doing fun things this year with Ben( THE BEST TEACHER EVER)

  7. Hi everyone!
    Its Gilli again!
    Doing work at home isn’t much fun, but i know one thing, that Ben makes it fun!!!!
    And i can’t wait to see the photos of Ben’s baby, Ava!
    See you all soon!
    Gilli (without an E)

  8. Hey guys.
    Cant wait until we get our grade 6 jumper and I cant wait till camp, from what I’ve heard it will be awesome.

  9. Hi everyone!
    Ben, there is an error on the spelling chart. It has Activity 8 twice! It also says complete 2x studdyladder activities and I got 4 set tasks!! Does that matter?!?!

  10. hi guys
    Will.s here I’m actually not stressing out to much with the homework this year it has turned out to be really fun I never thought homework could be fun but in Ben’s class it is so much better and a tip for homework do it all on Monday so you can have the rest of the week free of charge
    From Will.s

  11. hi guys homework is fun now I never thought it would be I am not getting as stressed as last year I think we can become the best class in the school

    from Will.s

  12. hi everyone

    wasent that so exiting when we skiped that other school i still cant beleive that there were only six kids in their school
    i wish our school had mango trees and a swimming pool that would be awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    bye issy:)

  13. hi is I know right if we had mango trees I think that I would not
    take fruit to school and just eat off them

    bye from will πŸ™‚

    • Hi
      I reckon that would be completely awesome to just pick mangoes of a tree at SCHOOL and eat them!! And how awesome would it be if we had a Grade 5/6 only pool! I think that would be fantastic and completely (third time i’m saying this!) AWESOME!!!! I hope that Skyping Epsom Primary in Bendigo goes well and that Ben picks the best presentation. Good luck to everyone with their presentations and that Epsom Primary learns a lot about how we learn in 5/6 Ben!
      Caitie πŸ™‚
      Ps. Wow! That was a really long comment!

  14. guys if you can see on one of my comments it says that it was sent at 12.16 pm I don’t know why that happened because I actually sent it at 4.00 pm

    See ya Will.s
    πŸ™‚ :):):):)::):):):):):)):P):):):):):):):::P

  15. hi Guys who do you barrack for in the footy because I go for the Essendon Bombers and hopefully the win the premiership this year and they beat north Melbourne the week

  16. hi guys again go the bombers and GWS and Gold coast after GWS beat Sydney and Gold coast beat Richmond

    see you at school

    • Hey Will,

      Don’t forget to sign off with your first name. Also make sure you are using correct grammar and punctuation :). You have nearly got your licence. Keep commenting πŸ™‚


  17. Hi everyone i just want to say thankyou to Ben for giving me my blog licences i am so happy hope other people get theres soon.
    From Dyl

    • hi guys forgot to put something in my other comment I meant to say I hope the mass go’s well tomorrow and everyone has a good day

      From Will F

  18. Hi guys great job on the mass 26th march everyone one did a great job with the readings and the singing. I know it was difficult with out the power point for a wile.

    From Will F

  19. Hi guys,
    I recon we did awesome in class mass today good job ads and Amelia on offertory same with ethan for doing the welcoming prayer you must be very brave to do that same with all the readers u did awesome

  20. Hey Guys and Girls
    Like Adam said PAT testing was great today and that I hope everybody had a great time and got good scores
    Cal Out ./I

  21. hi guys hope your prezis are going good
    and that everyone has finished there gem writing and
    mind map by the end of the term I hope you guys and girls have a great year with Ben

    Bye from Damo

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