Term 2

Term 2 Homework is as simple as follows:

Every MONDAY: Get 10 x spelling words from either your writing drafts spelling reminders or our Integrated words list. Write these in your Spelling Notebook on a LSCWC sheet. Make sure you get the spelling correct. Write up your Reading charts for the week and make sure these are filled out each week with a parent signature.

Everyone is expected to do approx. 45 minutes of homework a night. If you get home do homework just before dinner between 5:30pm and 6:30pm is probably the best time do it.

Every FRIDAY you are expected to hand up your homework book with the following:

  • 30 minutes of reading per night, not per week. Your progress is to be recorded in your diary each night. (Eg: Diary of a Wimpy Kid page 10 – page 20)
  • 3 x LSCWC (Look Say Cover Write and Check). All LSCWC must be completed by writing. Unfortunately as much as we love ICT, you cannot complete LSCWC on the computer. :) If you complete LSCWC on the computer it won’t count as a completed part of your homework.
  • 1 x Spelling Activity completed in your Homework book. (See Spelling activities below)
  • Complete 2 x Study Ladder Maths activities (At least 7/10 or better). For Term 2 you must complete the ‘SET TASKS’ that are assigned to you. In Term 1, there was a few people who did other maths tasks that were at Grade 3 and 4 level. For Term 2 we need to be completing our Grade 5 or 6 level study ladder activities.

To help you out with homework you may wish to do your 30 minutes of reading just before you go to bed each night.

Try and complete the Study Ladder activities and Maths Quiz on Monday or Tuesday in case there is a problem with your internet or computer so you can tell Ben before Friday morning.

Complete the LSCWC on a Wednesday and enjoy doing an enjoyable Spelling Activity on Thursday night. = Easy! Don’t stress about Homework, it really isn’t that big of a workload if you plan it out over a week.

Enjoy :)

You may submit any homework to my email address if that is easier:

Integrated Words List:
T2 Spelling Words

Term 2 Spelling activities
Spelling-Activities-1smv9gaSpelling Activities

29 thoughts on “Term 2

  1. hi guys,
    cant wait to see What awesome stuff we will do in term 2, I’ve heard where doing a workshop for integrated and we sell stuff to parent’s and friends which sounds really cool. Cant wait.


      • Hello,
        #:-( SAD FACE
        But I guess it is not such a bad thing because we basically have the same thing every week where if you were in grade 3 or 4 you get different things every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait till Term 2 the surprises and fun stuff it will bring!!!!!!!!!!

        Bye Amelia
        P.S Oh and by the way WELL DONE SEB on getting your blog license!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello,
    The new spelling activities look awesome. I’m really looking forward to doing the new activities and the maths quizzes.
    Chrissy 😀 😀 😀 😀

    • Hi
      I only just realized then that we had new spelling activities. WHOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am loving that it is holidays but can’t wait to return to 5/6 Ben in term 2.
      Who is excited about the intergrated topic?
      # Awesome


  3. Hi Everyone,
    Just like to say that the wallpaper is AWESOME 😀 😀
    and that the wallpaper is just AWESOME AGAIN!!!!!
    I’m also looking forward to learning about different businesses and how they became.
    Is anyone else looking forward to Term 2 and does anyone love the WALLPAPER????? You have to say yes. Anyway, bye
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 D: 😀 😀

  4. hi guys team 2 yes we have done so good lets keep it up still the same class teacher same every thing but new topic lets have good team

    from alex

  5. Hi Guys hope everyone has had a great start to the term. I’m really exited about what’s in store for this term and what Ben is going to teach us.
    What are you looking forward to

    Will F:)

  6. Hi everyone hope you hade a great holiday because I did I went to Tasmania for 4 days my favourite part was the chocolate factory it was the second biggest chocolate factory in the world

    Will F

  7. Hi 5/6B
    It was great to have all the mums, dads and special people come into our class room and look at our work. I think everyone enjoyed it. Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

    From Alex

  8. hi every one

    hope your having fun on your blogs and you get good and funny widgets and hope every one will look at your blog PS great blogs

  9. Hi Ben
    I can’t seam to find the Intergrated words up on the blog???
    Where are they on the blog if they are on the blog???

    Amelia 😀

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