#Skypathon 4

This is a review of the 4th ‘Mystery Skype’

5/6 K also joins us.

Amelia starts us off with the first question and yes! They are in the Southern Hemisphere. We quickly guess ‘New Zealand’ because of their accent.

They ask and we ask and we find out that they are not in:



They give a clue that they’re on the West Coast, next to a river, in the countryside and near a rugby club.

Adam finally guesses the school, ‘Tikorangi School’ and he was right.


#Skypathon 8

hey guys.

Im Seb and il be telling you how the 8th skype Call went.

but first this is how it works.

At the start of the skype call with do a quick rock, paper ,scissors for who goes first.

Then each school will take turns asking yes/no questions to find out what school they go to.

You can choose either to try what state they live in too if you don’t have enough time for your skype call.

First one to find out what the other school is wins…

The school we skyped was made the skype call even more awesome because it was a very close game. The school we skyped was a very smart and they turned out to be foundation christian college.  We all enjoyed skyping this school.

2nd Call of the Mystery Skypathon

Howdy folks!

It’s Caitie here! We have just Skyped a new country.

Here are a few clues to were in the world they are:

1. They are in the USA

2. They are South of Minnesota

3. And they are South of Kansas

Can you guess where they are?

If you guessed Honolulu, Hawaii, you are correct! The next school we skyped was Mid Pacific Institute. Their school has been running since 1852. They love to surf and swim in the ocean in their lunch break. It was a very fun skype and cool to find out they where in Honolulu! Thank you for participating in our class mystery Skypathon!


56 Ben 🙂

Mystery Skype #1

Hey Friends!

It’s Gilli here!

Today is a special day for our class, today is our 12hr Skype day! This is how it all works:

We all have different jobs to help make the Skype run smoothly.
And I am the blog poster:)
The 1st Skype had an interesting accent!
We have asked questions to figure out where they are in the world, and they do the same for us.
The questions we ask are like are you in the northern hemisphere and are you in the us ect.
We found our Skype partner’s country, USA!
Then we had to figure out what state they live in!
And we did…
Thankyou to Repetton Elementary for participating in our 1st mystery Skype!


iPad Photos

Hey Guys,


With Billy Carts I’m deleting some stuff off the iPad, not sure whether this is on our shared Google Photos drive so putting them here just incase.

Book Week

Science Day:

Aths Day

56B Mystery Skypathon

Hey team,
Hope we are collecting some clever questions in readiness for the big day.
Just some updates on how things are going. We are all booked in for about 17 skype calls with 3 more waiting for confirmation. Very exciting.

Where in the world do you hope we travel to the most?

A surprise is coming…

Whoops, sorry gang forgot to post the anagram about our surprise for the term.

Can anyone crack the anagram before it’s revealed on Thursday?? Because I forgot to put it up I’ll add a few letters to give you a hint. A, M, C and S. Good Luck!

metalworker defy my spicy dry dons

_ _ _ _ _    m _ _ _ _ _ _    s _ _ _ _    _ a _

c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Term 4 – Operation: Awesomeness

Calling all 5/6B soldiers! Be+Awesome+Printable+BOY+4x6Wow, I have missed you guys, what a ‘killer’ term we have lined up. Billy Carts, Graduation, Camp and Grade 5 Week review, 2015 school leader presentations, Memory Books and ofcourse Ben always has a few surprises up his sleeve! You’ll have to wait till we start to find those out ;)! Term 4 and Operation: AWESOMENESS, officially starts to tomorrow. Get excited! See you all for an blockbuster term – the greatest of all time!

Ben 🙂

5/6B Levels up with new Google Site!!

Hey Gang,

You may have noticed the Blog has changed slightly for Term 4. We now have a new, shiny and cool Class Website. We are going to keep our Blog as a pure communication tool about events, videos and pictures about our learning and all the excitement that happens in our classroom. 

Our class website will be the home for other stuff like Homework, Class Calendar and Learning resources etc.

We will go over this in our first week back. But until them feel free to have a look around. You are welcome to download some of the pictures from different events this year. You may use it for memory books or put these pictures on your own blog! The link is under Student Links.