56B Mystery Skypathon

Hey team,
Hope we are collecting some clever questions in readiness for the big day.
Just some updates on how things are going. We are all booked in for about 17 skype calls with 3 more waiting for confirmation. Very exciting.

Where in the world do you hope we travel to the most?

A surprise is coming…

Whoops, sorry gang forgot to post the anagram about our surprise for the term.

Can anyone crack the anagram before it’s revealed on Thursday?? Because I forgot to put it up I’ll add a few letters to give you a hint. A, M, C and S. Good Luck!

metalworker defy my spicy dry dons

_ _ _ _ _    m _ _ _ _ _ _    s _ _ _ _    _ a _

c _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _



Term 4 – Operation: Awesomeness

Calling all 5/6B soldiers! Be+Awesome+Printable+BOY+4x6Wow, I have missed you guys, what a ‘killer’ term we have lined up. Billy Carts, Graduation, Camp and Grade 5 Week review, 2015 school leader presentations, Memory Books and ofcourse Ben always has a few surprises up his sleeve! You’ll have to wait till we start to find those out ;)! Term 4 and Operation: AWESOMENESS, officially starts to tomorrow. Get excited! See you all for an blockbuster term – the greatest of all time!

Ben 🙂